Production: FEYNmen
Co-productions: Forum Stadtpark, Int. Bühnenwerkstatt Graz, Dynameat – Verein für Tanz, A4 Bratislava, Stanica Zilina Sk, A4
Residences: Garage 29

Maybe, but of course

Maybe, but of course
decomposed baroque opera for one performer whom is a dancer and whom mostly talks -  stand up comedy

“Maybe, but of course” was originally commissioned by Forum Stadtpark Graz in the 2019 as a small event with premier as a full-featured piece planned for 2020. Covid postponed this project for the season 2022-2023.

Started in this context, Maybe but of course is a hybrid performance mixing together elements of baroque opera, comedy, dance performance and stand-up — a multiplicity of identifications all intended to study the constancy of a character who tries to remain sensible, sensitive and clever. An artist in search of new and surprising forms and who seeks to touch the public with his clarifications... except that there is a trick. This thing, which we call the inner "self", with all its facets and all its limits... which makes you laugh at certain times and makes you embarrassed at others; space where discomfort and self-confidence intersect, humour, reflection, and perhaps a hint of fatalism.

Between stand-up and performance, a microphone and a beer in hand, Danielis tells us how he would do, if he had the means, a decomposed baroque opera for one person. With irony, he takes us as witnesses of a sharp analysis of the creative process, current realities, and the preferences of the public. No one is spared from it.

Origine of the piece: Curator Vera Hageman commissioned three different artists (Kinga Toth, Monika Klengel and Tomáš Danielis) to create 3 different evenings working on the theme of hope. The artists were asked to watch a show of their choice, anywhere in the world, and to produce a performative report with in mind to measure if yes and to what extent, the artists have an impact on their observers and whether they can possibly claim to be responsible for changes (even insignificant ones) in the lives of members of the public.

Interpretation and texts – Tomáš Danielis